Make a Difference

From day one, it has been volunteers who make things happen. Together we can accomplish so much and we are so grateful for the willing hearts and able hands that come together to accomplish the vision of "Changing this City by the Glory of God." No matter your age or abilities, there is a place for you. We are the Body of Christ and we need each other to fulfill our God-given destiny.

Please complete the volunteer survey below to become involved in what is going on at Whole Life Ministries.

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    I am a member of Whole Life Ministries.

    Cleaning (monthly commitment):
    2nd Saturday Cleaning Team(8am-10am)
    3rd Saturday Cleaning Team (8am-10am)

    Music Ministry:
    Play an Instrument(specify below)

    Ministry Opportunities:
    Healing Ministry (Training Required)
    Prayer Ministry (Training Required)
    Outreach Ministry
    Prison Ministry (Training Required)

    Educational Ministry:
    Nursery Worker (Ages Birth-4)
    KIDS Church/Children's Ministry (Ages 5-12)
    Quest Group (Ages 10-12)
    Youth (13-18)
    Sunday School

    Media Ministry:
    Sound Technician
    Audio Recording & Media Production
    TV Ministry
    Resource Center (Media Sales)

    Office(needed M-F, 9am-5pm / receptionist, data entry, etc)
    Bookstore (needed during weekdays and after church services)

    Honey from the Rock Cafe (open M-F, 11am-2pm):
    Greeter (volunteer)
    Drinks (volunteer)
    Wait Staff (earn tips)

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Give of your time, talents and abilites to help further the Kingdom of God and fulfill our mandate to "change the city by the Glory of God."

    Invest your time in raising up the next generation and teaching them victory.

    Be the voice that tells others about Jesus and the vessel through which God can pour out His love and presence to others.



    • Administrative Office

      There are many opportunities to help in office at Whole Life. Such tasks include but are not limited to answering the phone, praying for callers, mailings and special projects.

    • Bookstore

      The bookstore is blessed by your willingness to give of your time and energy to help, and you are blessed by the many customers you have the opportunity to witness to while helping them with their ministry needs. Volunteers are needed during their weekly business hours as well as after church services. Training is provided.

    • Media Ministry

      The media ministry includes sound system operation, audio recording, television recording, and media production. A sound system operator is needed at all worship services plus special events. Each week Whole Life Ministries produces television programming that is broadcasted to thousands of viewers throughout the CSRA and throughout the nation. This ministry has been instrumental in bringing thousands of lost souls to Christ. Audio and Video copies of services are produced and distributed both locally and nationwide. Training is provided for all media areas.

    • Cleaning

      The cleaning of our facility is done weekly by a team of volunteers. As a requirement for membership, each member is encouraged to join a Saturday cleaning team.

    • Resource Center

      Every service is recorded and made available for purchase through our Resource Center. Through this ministry, teachings and other resources have gone all across this nation and world, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Opportunities to volunteer included selling CDs & DVDs after each church service and assisting at book tables when we have guest speakers.

    • Usher Team

      The usher team is a crucial part of Whole Life Ministries. They have many responsibilities which include keeping order in the service, taking up offerings, helping promote worship, serve Pastor and support the congregation with any needs they may have. An usher is a door-keeper or gate-keeper in the House of the Lord who must have a willing servants heart.


    • Children's Ministry

      Kids Church works in conjunction with the family to enrich the spiritual growth and knowledge of WLM 6-12 year olds. Jr. Kids Church is for children that are 4-5 years old. Nursery is available to children birth-3 years old. We are dedicated to raising up leaders in the Christian community. We are looking for volunteers to dedicate one service per month to ensure that our children receive the most important education, their spiritual education. If you love children and want to see them prosper there are many opportunities for you to serve.

    Youth Mentor
    • Youth Department

      The youth at Whole Life Ministries is an integral part of the congregation and we believe that they are truly the leaders of tomorrow serving in the church today. The Youth Ministry is looking for dedicated members of WLM, who love the Lord to give of their time and talents to these leaders of tomorrow’s church. The Youth Ministry meets every Tuesday night from 7-9pm in the Youth Building.


    • Choir

      WLM Choir is a group of dedicated, anointed singers and worshipers. All choir members must be members in good standing at WLM. You must attend two service per week, one scheduled prayer meeting per week, be a faithful tither, and volunteer to clean the church once per month.  Regularly  scheduled choir practices are the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month at 10:30am. To join, simply join us at our next choir practice.

    • Healing Ministry

      "He sent His Word and healed them..." Our Healing Teams and Healing Center have made a huge impact on this community. Learn how to share the healing power of God with those who are sick and suffering. An extensive training process must be completed before you can be used in the Healing Ministry.

    • Prayer Ministry

      The responsibility of leadership in prayer is to encourage, inspire, teach, and establish a framework for the prayer ministry of the church. The role of the prayer leaders is critical to the prayer life of this ministry. To be a part of this vital ministry you must be committed people who believe that God has enabled, appointed, and anointed them to bring people to the very heart of God through prayer. See our calendar to view weekly prayer times.

    Praise Team
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    • Outreach Ministry

      One of the mandates of Whole Life Ministries is to "reach our Jerusalem." Throughout the year, we host many outreach projects specifically for our surrounding neighborhoods. It is an opportunity to pray with people, share the Gospel, and encourage our neighbors to be involved in a local church.

    • Prison Ministry

      We have the opportunity to minister to prisoners in several local facilities. Through this ministry, many have been taught the good news of Jesus Christ and lives have been changed as a result. Training is provided.

    • Worship Team

      Our praise & worship team is a vital part of ushering the congregation into the presence of the Lord. Musicians and singers must demonstrate Christian character and be willing to submit to church leadership as well as the leading of the Holy Spirit. Potential praise team members must be established WLM members before being considered for this leadership position.