Sunday School


Sunday school classes are held an hour before the regular worship service. We encourage men, women and children alike to take advantage of this additional opportunity to learn biblical principles and fellowship with each other. For first timers, ushers are available to guide you to your Sunday school classroom.

  • 6-9 Years Old

    In this class, children will become familiar with Bible stories, memorize scripture and learn how to know Jesus personally all through interactive learning and relatable examples.

  • 10-12 Years Old

    Specifically designed for pre-teens, this class aims to help each young person navigate their ever-changing world, overcome peer pressure and discover their purpose using the Bible as their guide. 

  • Youth (13-18 Years Old)

    As we prepare our teens for adulthood, there is no better foundation that one of strong biblical principles and values. This Sunday school class aims to equip young people with practical bible knowledge to tackle real-life events both now and in their future.

  • Women's Class

    Women of all ages are invited to join this class as we study the Word of God, encourage each other in our daily walks and grow together in His grace.

  • Kingdom Builders

    In this class, learn leadership principles straight from the Word of God to maximize your success in your family, business, finances, relationships and church life. 

  • Remnant Class

    This class was established by Pastor Kennedy in response to a direct Word from God. He said that those who would attend would grow twice as fast in their spiritual lives as they seek to know the Lord more intimately.