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Yard Sale 2019 WLM Ad

Acts 4 Challenge Yard Sale Guidelines

  • Sunday, Oct 20, is the last day to reserve your space for the yard sale.  Turn form in at the Connect Central table.
  • If you and a friend want spaces next to each other, please let us know when you sign up, or as soon as possible.
  • SET UP: Friday 5pm - 8pm an Saturday 6am - 7am.
  • BREAKDOWN: You are responsible to manage your space and to remove all items by 1:45pm on Saturday.
  • You are responsible for providing your own table.
  • ACTS 4 CHALLENGE: Money from the yard sale committed to the Acts 4 Challenge can be turned in at the table in front of the ADMIN building between 12:30pm and 2pm or anytime the following week.
  • VEHICLES: No vehicles can be driven in  Yard Sale Space between 7am -  noon.
  • LARGE ITEMS: Any large items purchased from your space must be moved to the loading area for pick up.
  • CREDIT CARDS AND CHECKS: All checks for items purchased must be made payable to you and not to WLM.  Church credit card machine will not be available for items purchased in your space.
  • EXTENSION CORDS: There will be 2 extension cords available in front of the church office for you to show your customers that items work if needed.
  • MONEY: Depending on how you price your merchandise will dictate how much change you need.  Make sure you have plenty of smaller bills and change available.

Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

  1. Borrow Folding Tables (or make some from sawhorses and Plywood) or look through Google Images for idea on ways to display your items.
  2. May your items visually appealing - organize, sort by size and make your items easy to shop.
  3. Group Like Items Together - When you group like items together, the goods look more abundant and makes for a better display.
  4. Clean the Goods Before Displaying Them - Dusty furniture, sticky glassware, and stinky, stained clothing scream neglect.  Clean, well-tended pieces appear more valuable.
  5. Display Small Valuable Items Close to the Check Out Area - Keep valuable objects close to the house or at the checkout table so you can keep and eye on them, especially if they are small or fragile.
  6. Bundle Small Items - Things that won’t sell on their own are more likely to sell if you package them together.
  7. Price it Right - According to some sources, yard sale items should be priced at roughly 1/3 of what you paid for them. Think about how seriously you want to sell the item and know that the cheaper the price, the more likely it is to sell.
  8. Be Willing to Bargain - Most garage sale shoppers are looking for steals, Price your items so that you have a little wiggle room when they ask if you are willing to “go lower”. Also consider lowering the price of all of your items towards the end of the sale.
  9. Straighten and Rearrange the Tables During Downtime - Yard sales get hectic and shoppers make a mess of the merchandise. When you have a moment, do some straightening before the next wave of shoppers arrive.
  10. X-Large Items - If you don’t have a way to get them to the church, take a picture, add a description and price, print it and put it on your table.
  11. Join Forces - If you aren’t sure you have enough on your own to sell, partner with someone else and share the same space.
  12. Be Friendly, and be available to answer questions.
  13. Be prepared with plenty of change and small bills.
  14. Keep your money in your sight at all times.
  15. Stockpile plastic grocery bags so you can offer bags with purchases


Online Registration

Register online today to reserve your spot.